Why are your prices so low?

We only order in large volume, therefore we are able to secure high quality authentic products at competitive prices. Becoming an online based company also means that we have relatively lower overheads when compared to a high street retail store in your local area, hence we are able to offer more attractive prices to our customers.

Are your products genuine?

At MyPerfumeDeals, we only deal in 100% authentic and brand new products. We take pride that this fact is recognized by our customers. All our products come with official manufacturer’s warranty and are shipped with original documents. In case you have any doubt about the authenticity of the product, you have the option of getting it verified at an Official Service Center in your area. We are committed to providing our customer with a 200% refund if they have official proof that the product is not a 100% genuine.

Is MyPerfumeDeals an authorized dealer?

Being an authorized dealer in a market means that the seller can only supply certain models and has to adhere to a particular pricing policy in line with the recommended retail price. At MyPerfumeDeals, we consider our-self as an offshore dealer, hence we are able to offer a wider selection of products and models that you will not necessarily find in your local market at unbeatable prices.